Vizio 2017 D-Series Smart TVs do Not Have HDR

Vizio has shown its 2017 D-series Smart TV series the largest of which use direct backlighting panels with 10 zones on the 55″ and 12 on the 65″ for better contrast . 120Hz backlight control is supported for better motion. The UltraHD sets, which are from $420 for the 43″, have Wi-fi and are good value at $500 for the 50″, $570 for the 55″ and just $899 for the 65″. The sets use an unspecified octa core processor. The sets from 32″ to 55″ have FullHD panels and the 24″ (just $140) has 720p.

Analyst Comment

There is no mention of HDR support, so given Vizio’s record in highlighting its features, it seems to reasonable to assume it is not included. (BR)