HiSilicon Gets Support and Adds Media Hub Application

By Bob Raikes

HiSilicon (the chip-making subsidiary of Huawei) told us that it had no new SoCs for STBs since IBC. At the show it was mainly talking about new middleware versions. Separately, iWedia said that it had ported its Teatro-3.5 product for Android STBs onto the HiSilicon Hi3798MV200 UltraHD chipset, which the company showed us at IBC and is in volume production.

HiSilicon also reported that its Hi3798C V200 chipset is being used by Korea Telecom in its GiGA Genie media hub, an UltraHD competitor to the Amazon Echo or Google Home, but with an integrated UltraHD port for video that is HDR compatible. The companies believe that this kind of system can deliver a good experience for using the TV with voice. The Hi3798C has a quad core Arm Cortex A53 and an Arm Mali TM-T720 GPU with support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The device has integrated 2.5″ an 1.5″ speakers and a 6 megapixel camera.