Ubiquitous Energy is Display Week IZone Prototype Winner

Winner of this year’s Best I-Zone Prototype at Display Week 2015 award was Ubiquitous Energy, an MIT start-up now based in Redwood City, CA that was showing a demo of “the world’s first truly transparent solar technology” they dub “Invisible ClearView Power.” It’s a film (about a micrometer thin) that covers displays bringing augmented power to mobile and wearable devices that helps extend battery life from its photovoltaic film charged by the sun.

This was a “first-time public demonstrations” for the company that also took away the SID’s highness award in the I-Zone, and won partly due to its outstanding live demos that offer the hope of pushing the envelope on power using a green solution.

ubiq e1ubiquitous Energy prototypes include Lt. stand alone transparent ClearView module, Center and Rt. small to medium sized displays with clearView Power films covering the displayThe film screens out UV (ultraviolet) plus near-infrared converting it to electricity, while simultaneously transmitting the visible light spectrum while offering a high transmissivity of over 90% with particle efficiencies of over 10%, according to the company literature. The film is overlaid on a device display surface. The company is also looking well beyond mobile device applications to augment battery life. They are also looking to help power the next wave in the IoT (internet of things) and even consider adding the film to the surface of buildings what they call “smart glass” applications.

For more on the company see our recent Display Daily article (Ubiquitous Energy Could Help Solve Battery Problems).