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Transparent Electronics: $20 Billion Market Comes into Sight

by Bob Raikes

What They Say IDTechEx has a new report looking at the market for transparent electronics materials and thinks the market will be over $20 billion in value, but not until 2041! There will be …

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Telia Delivers Solar Powered Information in New York

by Artem Alekseenko

Telia, together with partners Traffic Systems Incorporated, and Daktronics, have launched their first solar-powered Real-Time-Passenger-Information (RTPI) signs on Queens Boulevard in New York. Telia IoT Edge Smart Gateways currently provide public transport information to …

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A Photoluminescent Display that also Harvests Ambient Energy

by Arthur Berman

A recent prototype demonstrates how, by replacing the phosphor screen in a Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) with a Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC), it becomes possible to harvest energy from ambient light as well as …

Tags:Phosphors| Solar Panels| Vol 24 - Issue 31

Scientists Open Perovskite Processing Window

by Bob Raikes

Perovskite solar cells made by NRELAlthough this development is related to making solar cells, the issue of the use of perovskties is of big interest in the display world, so we noted with interest …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Perovskite| Solar Panels| Solution Processing| Vol 24 - Issue 15

Perovskite Processing Goes Roll-to-Roll

by Matthew Brennesholtz

A research group in the Netherlands has has announced the development of roll-to-roll (R2R) processing of perovskites for solar cells. This system has produced solar cells with an efficiency of 12.6%, a record for …

Tags:Holst Centre| IMEC| OLED Fabs| Perovskite| Solar Panels| Solution Processing| Vol 24 - Issue 13

Civiq Adds Solar Panels to Links

by Bob Raikes

We have reported several times on the Link Totems that have been installed in New York to provide information and Wi-Fi access. Now Civiq has has added solar panels to ten of the devices …

Tags:DOOH| Large Display Monitor| Solar Panels| Vol 23 - Issue 47

Mobile World Round-Up Part 2

by Bob Raikes

Here is our second round-up from Mobile World 2016. We cover SK Telecom, Qualcomm, Intel, Nokia, Harman, Ericsson/Volvo, Acer, Fujitsu, Sunpartner, HP, Garmin, Epson, Vuzix, Imagination, Mediatek, Neonode and DisplayLink. For more details on …

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TREASORES Develops Thin, Flexible Electrodes

by Tom Allen

The TREASORES project ((Transparent Electrodes for Large Area Large Scale Production of Organic Optoelectronic Devices) is a European project, established in late 2012, aiming to develop technologies to reduce the production costs of certain …

Tags:Europe| Fraunhofer| Large Display Monitor| Light Sources & Lamps| Mobile Display Monitor| Roll to Roll (R2R)| Solar Panels| Vol 23 - Issue 09

SunPartner Boosts Mobile Power Using Solar

by Bob Raikes

SunPartner Technologies has developed a technology that it calls “Wysips” that consists of a transparent solar cell technology, together with the related optical stack and semiconductor know how. The company sees applications in “smart …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2016| Solar Panels| Vol 23 - Issue 08| Wearables

Kyocera and SunPartner Boost Solar Efficiency

by Tom Allen

Kyocera primarily produces smartphones for the US and Japanese markets. The company is now expanding to Canada and Latin America, as well. In the USA, the company’s focus is on rugged models: from waterproof …

Tags:Kyocera| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Solar Panels| Vol 23 - Issue 08

Ubiquitous Energy is Display Week IZone Prototype Winner

by Steve Sechrist

Winner of this year’s Best I-Zone Prototype at Display Week 2015 award was Ubiquitous Energy, an MIT start-up now based in Redwood City, CA that was showing a demo of “the world’s first truly …

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Ubiquitous Energy Could Help Solve Battery Problems

by Bob Raikes

Next week at the SID iZone, the display community will have a chance to look at a new technology, being developed just up the road from the event in Redwood City, California by Ubiquitous …

Tags:Batteries| SID Display Week 2015| Solar Panels| Vol 22 - Issue 22