TVLogic Prepares Monitors for NAB

TVLogic usually has some new monitors to show and this event was no exception. First we looked at a new 17″ FullHD monitor that is designed for checking 4K content and can downscale 12G SDI or accept four single SDI inputs to create the high resolution input. There was also a new 24″ 3840 x 2160 monitor, the LUYM-240G, with a DCI-P3 gamut as well as Rec. 709. Contrast is 1,000:1 and it has 10 bits of colour depth and the same SDI inputs as the 17″. The final version is expected to be released at NAB next year.

A 7″ FullHD field monitor has an improved waveform and vectorscope display that has better resolution than the previous versions and costs €1,999. It has 600 cd/m² of brightness and Rec. 709 gamut. The company also has a “cost effective” 1024 x 600 version with the same functions and which costs €990.

7inch FHDMonitor LVM075A070C

The TMV-4000G is a multi-viewer system with 12G-SDI output and can accept 24 inputs which can be shown on a 4K display. It is aimed at small broadcasters that can buy it with a 55″ 4K/UHD monitor as a package for around €10,000