Marshall Adds New Monitor Features

Marshall is a regular exhibitor at IBC. First we looked at the high end broadcast rack-mounted monitors that are in configurations with 4/3/2 or one display up to 32″ in a single chassis. MD models have a modular design, allowing a lot of different configurations of inputs and allowing re-purposing of monitors when input technology changes.

The value series includes the new M-Lynx-702 which has more features available from the front and a wide range of inputs including Component, Composite, HD-SDI and HDMI with loopthrough. The dual 7″ monitor costs $799 and there is also a version at $1,229 that has waveform and vectorscope displays.

Marshall dual rack

Marshall has had a lot of success with an UltraHD signal generator for testing, including monitors, that runs from USB power, is very small and can read EDID from a display. It also supports HDCP and costs $539.

Finally, we looked at the V-LCD71MD 7″ camera top monitor that supports FullHD at 700 cd/m² and is especially suitable for UltraHD cameras. It costs $1,689 (although BlackMagic Design launched a very aggressively priced 5″ 1920 x 1080 monitor/recorder at the show, so we’ll see if that price survives – Man. Ed.)