Transtech Shows Three New Products

Transtech LED Co. Ltd. was showing three new products at ISE. First was its iPoster digital poster. This is a digital signage system with either a 2.5mm or 1.9mm pitch designed for indoor digital signage (IP40 front and rear), especially in retail applications. It had a frame size of 572 x 1902mm (22.5″ x 74.9″) with an image size of 560 x 1890mm (22.0″ x 74.4″). The complete system weighted 32Kg (70.4 pounds) and was designed to be moved from place to place in a store as needs, promotions and sales changed.

Connectivity is over the network or wirelessly via either Wi-Fi or 3G, plus there is a USB input port. With power consumption of 600W max/200W average for the 2.5mm version and 750W/250W for the 1.9mm version, the unit could be plugged into an ordinary 100 – 240VAC outlet, new content uploaded wirelessly and the system would be ready to go. One claimed advantage over a similar LCD sign was the high brightness, up to 1500 cd/m² for the 2.5 mm version, 1000 cd/m² for the 1.9mm version. Another advantage is long-life, 80,000 hours, which would be 13.9 years of 16/7 operation in a retail application. The image on the iPoster was very good. The colors and viewing angles on the display appeared to be better than they would have been on a LCD. Of course, an additional factor is that a brighter display always looks better to the casual viewer than a dimmer display.

Transtech 3D resizeTranstech’s 3D poster display (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

The second new system shown was a 4-view autostereoscopic 3D poster. Since it looked like the iPoster system, I assume it was just a 1.9mm (or finer pitch) version of it, with a parallax barrier added. The image on this was also very good, both in terms of 2D image quality (brightness, color, contrast, etc.) and 3D image quality. It was easy to find a suitable viewing zone to get the proper stereoscopic effect. This system was not actually a finished product and no information was available on it on the Transtech website that covered their other autostereoscopic 3D LED and LCD displays.

Transtech Discovery resizeTranstech’s new Discovery P1.58 module was used to make the main display in the booth. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

The third new product from Transtech was a Discovery P1.58 module. This fit between the existing P1.2 and P1.9 members of the family. Larger pitches in the family included P2.37, P2.7, P3.8 and P5.6. The main display at the Transtech booth was an array of Discovery P1.58 modules and it looked very good. –Matthew Brennesholtz