TI Adds new UltraHD DLP Chipsets

Texas Instruments (TI) announced an expanded family of chipsets to bring 4K UHD technology to new applications. The company added two smaller chipsets, the DLP470TE and DLP470TP for ultraHD laser TVs, mobile smart TVs, digital signage displays, smart home displays, pico projectors, business and education projectors.

TI DLP Chipsets procThe DLP470TP, DLP470TE & DLP660TE

Although the chips use motion to achieve higher resolution, TI said that each DLP 4K UHD chipset exceeds the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) definition for 4K UHD technology, displaying over 8 million pixels on the screen.

Key features and benefits of the chipsets

  • The DLP470TP is the most compact 4K UHD solution from DLP Products, and is optimised for size and power. Measuring 17 mm by 24.5 mm and supporting brightness levels up to 1,500 lumens, the DLP470TP is intended for mobile smart TVs and pico projectors.
  • The DLP470TE is optimized for projectors needing over 1,500 lumens. This chipset is in a larger package, 22 mm by 32 mm, which enables it to withstand the heat generated by brightness levels up to 4,000 lumens.
  • The DLP660TE (not new) is the most powerful of the three 4K UHD chipsets. This digital micromirror device (DMD) is designed to enable projection applications up to 5,000 lumens.

The DLP470TE and DLP470TP will be in production in early 2018.