THine Boosts V-by-One Speed

By Bob Raikes

Thine Electronics of Japan has announced the latest V-by-One US interface, which is an extension of the V-by-One HS technology and is designed for UltraHD, 4K and 8K displays. The transmission rate of the US version is four times faster than the HS technology and Thine issued this table of comparison between the firm’s interfaces and the LVDS approach. Thine said that each lane of V-by-One US achieves 16Gbps.

Comparison* between V-by-One US and existing interface technology

Interface technology Speed per lane

Cables for 4K
transmission with

Cables for 8K
transmission with

V-by-One US 16Gbps 2 pairs 8 pairs
V-by-One HS 4Gbps 8 pairs 32 pairs
LVDS approximately
48 pairs 192 pairs

* The number may be different depending on the actual video system structure.