Vol 23 - Issue 22


Night Vision Comes to Mobile

by Tom Allen

Danish company Lumignon was founded in 2009, and introduced the T1 smartphone in 2010. It followed with the T2 (2012) and T2 HD (2014). The firm is keeping up its two-year release cycle with …

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Graphene for the Display Market

by Ron Mertens

Graphene is a sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a chicken wire pattern. It is a 2D material, which at only one-atom thick manages to be 200 times stronger than steel and able to …

Tags:Graphene| ITO Replacement| Quantum Dots| Vol 23 - Issue 22

The Smartphone Market – A Lesson in Business Strategy

by Norbert Hildebrand

When we think about the cellular phones today we just assume we are talking about the smartphone as there is almost no other type available any more. While this is not completely true, the …

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Valve Promotes VR With Free Software

by Tom Allen

Valve has released the Unity-based renderer for its collection of VR experiences, known as ‘The Lab’, for free. The developer’s move is aimed at promoting adoption of what is believes are optimal rendering techniques …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Software| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Google Supports Streaming on Fiber

by Tom Allen

Google is to integrate its Cast technology into the Fiber TV STB in the US. Google Fiber customers can use the IPTV service. Google Cast will be rolled out to all subscribers in the …

Tags:Google| IPTV| Large Display Monitor| Streaming Video| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Detachables Will Drive Return to Tablet Growth

by Tom Allen

Tablet shipments will fall for the second straight year in 2016 – down 9.6% YoY, says IDC. The firm expects tablets to decline in 2016 and 2017, with a slight rebound in 2018 and …

Tags:Convertible PCs| IDC| Mobile Display Monitor| tablets| Vol 23 - Issue 22

TfL Continues iPad Investment

by Tom Allen

Since late 2015, we have known that Transport for London (TfL) would be issuing all station staff with iPad Minis. It is the latest in a series of moves to cope with the rising …

Tags:Investment| iPad| Mobile Display Monitor| tablets| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 23 - Issue 22

IoT Will Outgrow Mobile Phones

by Tom Allen

According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, the IoT will overtake mobile phones as the world’s largest category of connected device by 2018. Ericsson defines a connected device as a physical object with an IP stack …

Tags:Ericsson| Internet of Things IOT| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 23 - Issue 22

AT&T Chooses Humax for Supplier Excellence

by Tom Allen

AT&T has presented Humax with a Supplier Award – one of eight companies so recognised. Humax was honoured because of its work in areas such as customer service, performance improvement and supplier sustainability.

Tags:AT&T| Awards| Back Panel| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 22

PMA Dealer Survey Shows Bright Spots for Display Market

by Tom Allen

A survey of AV resellers in the USA has shown that laser phosphor, interactive and home theatre projectors, as well as large-format FPDs, will drive display growth in North America. Results from the survey, …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| PMA Research| USA| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Tech Data Takes Microsoft Band

by Tom Allen

Tech Data has become the exclusive B2B distributor for Microsoft’s Band 2 activity tracker in the UK.

Tags:Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| TechData| Vol 23 - Issue 22| Wearables

LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 22

by Tom Allen

Iiyama has launched a new version of its TF5537MSC large-format touch display (Iiyama Installs Procap on Public Monitors). The TF5537MSC-W2AG is designed for use in healthcare environments. It has higher brightness (420 cd/m² with …

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