PMA Dealer Survey Shows Bright Spots for Display Market

A survey of AV resellers in the USA has shown that laser phosphor, interactive and home theatre projectors, as well as large-format FPDs, will drive display growth in North America.

Results from the survey, by PMA Research, show that laser phosphor projector unit sales are expected to almost double YoY in 2016. Interactive model sales will rise by 20% at the same time. 40″+ FPD sales will increase 23%.

Consumer projector sales are also viewed with optimism by consumer AV specialists and CEDIA installers. They expect a 13% increase in unit sales this year, and an 11% rise in FPD sales.

PMA also asked professional projector dealers to rank display makers, after the respondents chose three areas as the most important aspects of the dealer/manufacturer relationship: quality/reliability; ease of doing business; and responsive after-sale support. Epson and NEC led the first category; Eiki and Hitachi the second; and Sony and Eiki the third.

Consumer projector dealers chose quality/reliability; knowledgeable after-sales support staff; and on-time delivery as their most important areas. Sony led the results, with Epson, SIM2 and JVC also performed well.