LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 22

Iiyama has launched a new version of its TF5537MSC large-format touch display (Iiyama Installs Procap on Public Monitors). The TF5537MSC-W2AG is designed for use in healthcare environments. It has higher brightness (420 cd/m² with touch, 500 cd/m² without) and can be operated by magnetic styli and gloved fingers. It is also IPX1 rated. The display is available now, for €1,200.

Despite only being launched in late May (LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 20), LG has begun a price promotion of its ‘entry-level’ B6 and C6 OLED TVs (LG’s Signature is Pure and Gimmick-Free). The prices of the 55″ models have been cut by $1,000, to $3,000, temporarily.

Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox One console by $50, taking it to $300. The move comes ahead of the E3 conference, where Microsoft is expected to launch a smaller, cheaper version of the unit (Microsoft Prepares for 4k Gaming and ‘Xbox TV’).

All prices are ex VAT, where applicable.