SID Display Week 2022


A Deeper Dive into the Hidden Display in ShyTech

by Bob Raikes

Earlier this year, top tier automotive supplier Continental announced a new technology that it called ‘Shytech’ – the idea being that the display in a dashboard disappears behind a ‘natural’ (wood, leather etc) surface …

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JDI to drive automotive display sales with new technologies

by Milos Pavlovic

What They Say Digitimes reported on a push by JDI to try to raise 40% of its revenue from automotive displays in this financial year. The report said that production of automotive OLEDs with …

Tags:Automotive| Japan Display Inc (JDI)| SID Display Week 2022| Transparent Displays

Corning Explains How a Glass Diffuser Can Reduce MiniLED Use

by Bob Raikes

At the SID/DSCC Business Conference, Corning’s Han Yim explained how the company continues to look for ways to exploit the properties of its glass in LCDs and OLEDs. In particular, he highlighted the use …

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OLED Emitter Materials at Display Week – a Round-up

by Bob Raikes

I make no apology for returning to a 20 year topic in the display industry, blue for OLEDs. Blue has often been a challenge for displays and optical devices because of the high energy …

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Reflections on Display Week

by Bob Raikes

Pardon the horrible pun in the article of this title! Today, I wanted to mention several of the developments in the reflections from different displays at Display Week. Dealing with reflections is critical but …

Tags:Anti Glare| AUO| Film materials| Innolux| Reflective Display| SID Display Week 2022

A Slow, Not Very Colourful, Small Display Impresses at Display Week

by Bob Raikes

The Display Week exhibition was absolutely full of stunningly bright, colourful, high refresh images showing motion video. But one of the displays that made the most impact on me was a static one. E …

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What Displays Have to Do to Bring AR Superpowers

by Bob Raikes

One of my vices is trying to play musical instruments and a lot of musicians suffer from ‘option paralysis’. That is to say, when presented with the infinite flexibility of DSP-based digital options, they …

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Kyulux Moving to Commercialisation

by Bob Raikes

What They Say OLED-Info summarised the talk by Kyulux at the SID/DSCC Business Conference at Display Week. Junji Adachi from the firm said that it is on track to commericalise its materials with green …

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Samsung Reports Breakthrough on Blue Phosphorescent OLED Lifetime

by Milos Pavlovic

What They Say DSCC published a blog (registration required) that dug into information from the Display Week Symposium from Samsung Display that describes “Exceptionally Stable Blue Phosphorescent OLEDs”. (paper 40.2). The blog said that …

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