InkJet Deposition


Organic Electronics Made Possible by Advanced Printing Techniques

by Helen Vince

Printing techniques such as gravure, inkjet, flexography and lithograph have enabled the development of various cost-efficient electronic equipment and multi-material parts. While novel-printing techniques have been employed primarily to produce consumer electronics such as …

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Inkjet Encapsulation Developed for Flexible OLEDs

by Raverstead

Kateeva is the developer of the Yieldjet roll-to-roll inkjet OLED deposition system (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 45). The company has now announced a new flexible OLED thin film encapsulation system, based on the …

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YIELDjet G8 oled inkjet produktion1

Kateeva Launches Flexible OLED Display Production Tool

by Raverstead

During the 2014 Printed Electronics Conference (Santa Clara, CA, November 18-20) Kateeva announced its YIELDjet FLEX manufacturing tool for flexible OLED displays. Kateeva offered attendees of Printed Electronics 2014 the opportunity to visit with …

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LG Slashes Prices on 55″ Curved OLED TV

by Helen Vince

TV – The Korean Times reports that LG is slashing the price for their curved 55″ OLED TV from KRW15 million ($14,200) a year ago to KRW3.99 million this month. The lower prices will be in effect throughout …

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Kateeva Raises $38 Million in Series D Round

by Super User

Kateeva, the US-based maker of the Yieldjet OLED printing system, says it has closed its Series D round with $38 million in financing. The newest participant was Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, joining existing investors …

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