LG Display Plans Pilot Production of Inkjet OLEDs

Image:KateevaThe ETNews in Korea reports that LG Display will start pilot production of OLEDs produced using inkjet printing in 2017, with mass production taking a further year or two. The paper reports that LG wants to be able to compete with Chinese makers, especially for sizes of 60″ and above and highlights the joint venture between CSOT (TCL) and Tianma. We reported on a deal between the JV and Cynora for soluble OLED materials last month. (Cynora and Juhua To Collaborate on OLED TVs).

Analyst Comment

At the SID this year, Kateeva, which has a strong position in inkjet-based OLED encapsulation, said that it could enable production of OLEDs by inkjet methods. (Kateeva May Enable Printing of OLEDs). JOLED in Japan is reported to be working on inkjet production of IT products in the range of 10″ to 30″ using printing technology and may be in production by 2018 or 2019. The company inherited technology developed by Sony and Panasonic to create printed OLEDs using materials from Sumitomo (which bought OLED material pioneer, CDT, which had worked with Epson and Litrex (Ulvac)). (BR)