Cynora and Juhua To Collaborate on OLED TVs

Cynora of Germany, which is developing TADF materials for OLEDs, has signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to cooperate on OLED TV development. Cynora is joining the technology platform with Juhua which is held by CSOT (TCL) and Tianma.

“TCL is fully dedicated to solution processable OLED technology to further expand with its business” says Dr. Xiaolin Yan, Chairman of Juhua Board Meeting and CTO of TCL “We are closely associating our key suppliers on our technical development for a faster launch of our OLED TVs. A highly efficient blue emitting material is crucial to offer products with the lowest energy consumption. Working with Cynora is very important to us.”

Analyst Comment

The two companies that we are aware of that are developing TADF materials are Cynora and Kyulux. Kyulux is backed by JOLED, JDI, LG Display and Samsung Display, or to put it another way, “anybody but the Chinese”. Cynora, which is being run by Gildas Sorin, ex-CEO of Novaled, then, has an opportunity to work with those investing in OLED in China. Cynora claims that its TADF materials are four times more efficient than current materials and can enable a 50% reduction in device power consumption. (BR)