Vol 23 - Issue 42


Innovation in PC Inputs

by Bob Raikes

Phew… We have had a busy week with an acceleration in news as Q3 market and financial data starts to appear. In addition, Apple updated its MacBook Pro range and Microsoft jumped in to …

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September Tracking from PMA Research Shows Top-Selling Projectors

by Bob Raikes

PMA Research, the worldwide market information specialists on front projectors, has posted their most recent Projector Tracking Service results to the “Top-Selling Projectors” area of their website. Each month, PMA Research posts their “Top …

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Apple Event Introduces New Mac Book Pro

by Bob Raikes

Apple streamed its event from Cupertino on Thursday, and in high video quality, so we logged on to get the news. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, started by showing a video of an Apple …

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Smartphone Shipments Up in Q3 Despite Note 7

by Bob Raikes

Vendors shipped a total of 362.9 million smartphones worldwide in the Q3 2016, according to IDC. Despite the recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, volumes were up 1.0% compared to 3Q15 when vendors shipped …

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Nintendo Results 26/10/16

by Yvette Raikes

Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced half yearly profits of ¥38.3 billion ($365.2 million), up 234% from ¥11.5 billion ($109.3 million) a year ago, on sales of ¥136.8 billion ($1.3 billion), down 33% from ¥204.2 billion …

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Microsoft Results 20/10/16

by Yvette Raikes

Microsoft Corp. recorded Q1 net profit of $4.7 billion, down from the $4.9 billion reported in Q1 last year, on revenue of $20.5 billion, up from $20.4 billion. Turnover from Productivity and Business Processes …

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Google In Trouble with Pixel Camera

by Bob Raikes

Google got a lot of praise for its Pixel phones and quoted DxOMark ratings as the highest ever received for the quality of the camera, but buyers have been complaining of lens flare seen …

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Intel Results 18/10/16

by Yvette Raikes

Intel Corporation saw Q3 net profit of $3.4 billion, up 9% from $3.1 billion in the same quarter last time, on turnover which rose to $15.8 billion from $14.5 billion. For the nine months …

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LG Display Call Highlights OLED Move

by Bob Raikes

We caught up with LG Display’s earnings call, which is always a useful test of the state of the display market. One of the key points was that the company is now in the …

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AUO Result 27/10/2016

by Yvette Raikes

AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) saw Q3 net profits of NT$4.62 billion ($145.7 million), up 37% from NT$3.38 billion ($106.6 million) in the same period last year, on turnover which slipped 4% to NT$86.02 billion …

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Old IT is a Problem for Retailers Adopting Omnichannel

by Bob Raikes

As we heard at the Digital Signage event in Munich this year, Omnichannel is no longer optional for major retailers. Now, in an Omnichannel Status Report 2016 compiled by Arvato in cooperation with Salesforce …

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Two Backplanes: 1) Wow, and 2) Incroyable!

by Ken Werner

Let’s start with Wow. Sharp has been using its hard-earned IGZO expertise in a variety of creative ways, one of which is to use the speedy TFT technology to fabricate gate drivers on the …

Tags:IGZO| Patents| sharp| TFT| Vol 23 - Issue 42