LG Pushes OLED TV Yields to 65%

LG Display has raised yield rates for its large OLED TV panels to 65%, and plans to pass 80% this year.

LGD will soon demonstrate a pilot inkjet printing line at its M2 line in PajuAccording to sources speaking to Korea’s ET News, LGD’s 65″ and 77″ UltraHD panels are enjoying the new yield rates. 1920 x 1080 panels are now above 80% yield, although are not having much success in the market.

Different sources had different claims, although all agreed that the yield rates had risen. One unnamed LG executive said that the panels had passed the 65% yield last April, and 55″ units had an even higher yield. Another said that LGD is currently struggling to raise module yields, as well as panels. The source said that module yields were low because of voltage problems, but LGD aims to raise values to above 95% this year.

LG Display aims to raise yields for 55″, 65″ and 77″ UltraHD OLED panels to 75%, 85% and 87%, respectively, in 2015 (we think that ET News may be reporting this incorrectly, as logically smaller panels will have higher yields – TA).

The sources said that LG is looking at inkjet printing to raise yields and lower production costs.

In related news, sources in Korea claim that LG Display will mass-produce AMOLED screens for use in broadcast monitors next year. LG is apparently eyeing the sector due to its higher profit margins – and Samsung Display is doing the same.