Diamond Ultra 4K/5K Docking Station Uses USB

by Bob Raikes

Diamond Multimedia has launched a USB Type C or Type A dock that uses a DisplayLink chip to support a 5120 x 2880 display at 60Hz (over DisplayPort) or two 4096 x 2160 60p …

Tags:DisplayLink| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| USB| Vol 24 - Issue 23

DisplayLink Extends Wireless to VR

by Bob Raikes

DisplayLink was close to the HTC Vive booth and was getting a lot of attention for its reference design which uses the firm’s implementation of Wireless VR which uses the 60GHz radio band and …

Tags:DisplayLink| Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2017| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 08

Targus Docks Support up to Dual 4K Displays

by Isaac Oburu

Targus has introduced two new Universal USB 3.0 Docks. The new docks support charging up to 90W and include tips for popular notebook brands. The DOCK171USZ has one graphic output up to 2560 x …

Tags:DisplayLink| Large Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 08

DisplayLink Demos Wireless Connections

by Bob Raikes

DisplayLink is having a good time at the moment. It started by showing us how its data can be transmitted over the Snap 60GHz wireless connection, a proof of concept that could mean wireless …

Tags:CES 2017| DisplayLink| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| USB| Vol 24 - Issue 02| Wireless

DisplayLink And Targus Create Dual 4K Dock

by Bob Raikes

DisplayLink and Targus have announced the first dual 4K USB docking station that can support 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz refresh with 24 bit colour over a single USB cable. The dock connects to …

Tags:DisplayLink| Large Display Monitor| USB| Vol 23 - Issue 49

DisplayLink Integrated into Windows Core

by Bob Raikes

DisplayLink, which has technology for graphic display over USB, said that it has a version of its software that works with Windows 10th Anniversary Upgrade and it said that the software is integrated with …

Tags:DisplayLink| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| USB Monitors| Vol 23 - Issue 39| Windows

Displaylink Announces Native Support in Google Chrome OS

by Isaac Oburu

DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics technology, today announced its docking stations and adapters work with Chrome OS Release 51 onwards. A demonstration of the native plug-and-display™ capability will be shown at Interop …

Tags:Chrome| Dell| DisplayLink

DisplayLink Now Works With Chrome

by Tom Allen

DisplayLink’s USB docking stations and adapters now work with Google’s Chrome OS (Release 51 and onwards). No driver is required. This means that an external DisplayLink-compatible display or adaptor/docking station with single or multple …

Tags:Chrome| DisplayLink| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| USB| Vol 23 - Issue 18

Mobile World Round-Up Part 2

by Bob Raikes

Here is our second round-up from Mobile World 2016. We cover SK Telecom, Qualcomm, Intel, Nokia, Harman, Ericsson/Volvo, Acer, Fujitsu, Sunpartner, HP, Garmin, Epson, Vuzix, Imagination, Mediatek, Neonode and DisplayLink. For more details on …

Tags:Acer| Android| Augmented Reality| Automotive| DisplayLink| Fujitsu| GPUs| Imagination Tech| Intel| MWC 2016| Nokia| Solar Panels| tablets| Touch PCs| USB Monitors| Virtual Reality

WiGIG Docking Options Developing Slowly

by Bob Raikes

This week, I have been thinking at times about wireless display technology. As long term readers will know, I have been saying for some time that the eventual desktop system for all but those …

Tags:DisplayLink| Editorial| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 03| Wi-Fi| WiDi| WiGIG