DisplayLink Integrated into Windows Core

DisplayLink, which has technology for graphic display over USB, said that it has a version of its software that works with Windows 10th Anniversary Upgrade and it said that the software is integrated with the core graphics in that version. “We’re excited to work with DisplayLink, the world leader in USB graphics to truly enhance wired USB display connectivity,” said Kam VedBrat, Partner Group Program Manager at Microsoft. “USB displays and docking solutions are rapidly growing in popularity and key to universal connectivity and expansion. Beginning with Windows 10 Anniversary Update it is possible for OEMs to deliver USB display solutions that work just like displays attached directly to a GPU.”

Analyst Comment

Web blog, said that it has had a demo by DisplayLink of four monitors being run from a MacBook, supporting three over the USB Type C Alt mode, while the fourth is supported over the USB. Reporter, Charlie Demerjian also said that he has seen a demonstration of four UltraHD streams of video at 60fps running simultaneously over USB using DisplayLink. At the moment, that takes four cables, but eventually it should mean that the company can support 8K displays. (BR)