Vol 23 - Issue 39


60 Exhibitors Show Their Wares at the 2016 Vehicle Displays Conference

by Ken Werner

The 23rd Annual Symposium on Vehicle Displays, held in Livonia, Michigan, on September 27 and 28, incorporated an exhibition at which 60 companies, including many Tier 1 suppliers, displayed their wares. Among the exhibitors …

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Vehicle Displays 2016 Technical Conference: Autonomous Vehicles and HMI are Converging

by Ken Werner

The Society for Information Display’s Detroit Chapter sponsored its 23rd Annual Symposium on Vehicle Displays in Livonia, Michigan, on September 27 and 28. This year’s edition was called “Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2016.” Attendance …

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The End of Technology History?

by Bob Raikes

We very nearly ‘got caught up’ this week with all the recent event reports, with the report on the Technology Exposed event in the UK and covering A/V and the coverage by Ken Werner …

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Gartner Says More Decline for Device Market

by Bob Raikes

Gartner has released its overall forecasts for smart devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) which it expects to see decline 3% this year, after falling 0.75% last year. After that, the analyst sees …

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The Future of Storytelling in VR

by Norbert Hildebrand

During a panel discussion at SIGGRAPH 2016, James Mathers from The Digital Cinema Society chaired the following panel: • Ted Schilowitz, Futurist at 20th Century FOX and Chief Creative Officer at Barco• Bei Yang, …

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NEC Monitors Arrive in Europe

by Bob Raikes

NEC Display Solutions Europe has announced the regional availability of the EA245WMi and EX241UN desktop monitors (NEC Narrows Desktop Bezels) and emphasised the TCO certification and the ‘Low Blue Light Plus’ technology which NEC …

Tags:Blue Light| Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| NEC| TCO Development| Vol 23 - Issue 39

LG Shows Signature Brand in New York

by Matthew Brennesholtz

LG had previously introduced its Signature brand at IFA and on October 6th, they introduced the brand in New York. The flagship product, from a display point of view, is a 77” OLED TV …

Tags:HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| OLED TVs| Vol 23 - Issue 39

ICDM Starts Near-to-Eye Group for Display Measurement

by Bob Raikes

The ICDM, which develops the International Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) has established a new subcommittee for near to eye displays for VR/AR and HUDs. Tom Lianza of Photo Research as the subcommittee chair. The …

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Fujitsu In Talks with Lenovo over PCs

by Bob Raikes

Fujitsu has confirmed that it is in talks with Lenovo about selling its PC business as the potential deal to work with Toshiba (and possibly Vaio) has never come to fruition. Lenovo has not …

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Technology Exposed is Busy

by Bob Raikes

Technology Exposed is an annual UK trade show run by Midwich, the specialist A/V distributor, and its partner brands. It took place just after IBC, but we couldn’t miss the chance to get around …

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AUO Posts September Result

by Yvette Raikes

AUO was the first panel maker to publish its September figures, posting turnover of NT$30.22 billion ($959 million), down 3.8% YoY. For the third quarter, sales were down 3.7% YoY to NT$86.02 billion ($2.7 …

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Sky Q Adds Sports Split Screen

by Bob Raikes

Sky in the UK has a new STB and service that it is calling “Sky Q” and that is based on a gateway, supporting multiple other screens over a home network. Now the company …

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