Sky Q Adds Sports Split Screen

Sky in the UK has a new STB and service that it is calling “Sky Q” and that is based on a gateway, supporting multiple other screens over a home network. Now the company has said that it will add to the service an option to show dual sports channels side by side on the main TV. The second channel can either be a second live channel or a highlights or data.

Analyst Comment

I recently decided to convert to Sky Q, partly just to see how good it is. However, to do this, I have to give up my ‘Multiroom’ service which currently uses a dual LMB to run a second STB at the other end of my house. Sky Q depends 100% on distributing via IP and my home network is not that good at the end of my house, which has been extensively extended. Wi-Fi has to go through several, very solid brick walls, and powerline doesn’t work as the different ends of the house have their own power. So, for the moment, I’ll have to stay with what I have and when Sky insists I upgrade, which I suspect it will at some point in the future, I’ll probably have to run a Cat 5 cable around the outside of the house! I’m not sure that that is progress. (BR)