DisplayLink Extends Wireless to VR

DisplayLink was close to the HTC Vive booth and was getting a lot of attention for its reference design which uses the firm’s implementation of Wireless VR which uses the 60GHz radio band and its own codec. We tried to get more details of which 60GHz protocol was being used, but staff wouldn’t be drawn. However, it would seem not to be a WiGig implementation as the latency is just 2-3ms which is much faster than Intel was achieving at the show. Resolutions from 2K to 4K per eye can be supported.

The design has been created with much of the weight in the power pack, which can be taken off the head-mount and used on a belt, which is important for those that want to be able to use headsets for a significant amount of time (such as in the iMax VR event locations).

DisplayLink’s Wireless Reference Design. The battery has been left half out to show how it can be taken out and fitted to a belt. Image:Meko