DisplayLink Demos Wireless Connections

DisplayLink is having a good time at the moment. It started by showing us how its data can be transmitted over the Snap 60GHz wireless connection, a proof of concept that could mean wireless docks using the technology. The company has been having a good period following the adoption of the DisplayLink technology by Microsoft which now has support for the firm’s USB – display codec directly in the latest service packs of Windows 10. We also heard that companies are handing workstation buying to infrastructure departments, rather than IT departments. The infrastructure departments think about ‘provisioning desks’ for hot desking, increasingly. DisplayLink told us that HumanScale, with which it has been working for some time, has been very successful in this area.

DisplayLink is also optimistic about Continuum in smartphones that have USB only and do not support the Alt modes for display use.

The environment for the DisplayLink technology since the development of ‘media agnostic’ USB (a phrase we hadn’t heard until recently) that has been under development since 2013 by the USB Implementors Forum to allow the delivery of USB data over wireless or network media. The firm sees good prospects for the technology which should work across 802.11 ac for a display or longer distance connection and bluetooth for close proximity connections.

DisplayLink is delivering wireless docks such as the Targus Dock 160 which can support dual UltraHD outputs at 60P (choose two from dual DisplayPort and dual HDMI connectors) as well as audio and networking as well as USB.

To demonstrate the potential of the DisplayLink system, the company was showing a 6 UltraHD (60Hz) set up running over USB ‘just because we can’, we heard. There was also a demonstration of the technology running through USB hubs – a feature that DisplayPort alt modes can’t repicated.

Finally, the firm told us that it sees a good opportunity for its codecs in driving displays in wireless VR applications (although there will be some latency, we would expect, from the codec – Man. Ed.) (BR)

thumb DisplayLink DockThe common core in Windows 10 means the DisplayLink Dock will work with smartphones as well as notebooks. Image:Meko