Display Week 2024


The Post Display Week 2024 Glow on TCL CSOT

by Emory Kale

The company is positioning itself to be considered as one of only a handful of display companies competitive in all verticals worldwide.

Tags:Display Week 2024| electro-luminescence| QD-EL| TCL CSOT

EL-QLED Eye Candy at Display Week 2024

by Peter Palomaki

TCL showcased a 14-inch QD-EL laptop screen fabricated by ink-jet printing. It dazzled viewers with beautiful colors and excellent viewing angles.

Tags:Display Week 2024| electro-luminescent displays| QLED| Samsung| sharp| showcase| TCL CSOT

BOE Reveals 110-inch 16K Glasses-Free 3D Display and More

by Emory Kale

The company also had another achievement off the show floor when Chen Yanshun, Chairman of BOE, received the 2024 David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize from the Society for Information Display (SID).

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