BOE Reveals 110-inch 16K Glasses-Free 3D Display and More

BOE Display Week 2024Showcase Summary
110-inch 16K Glasses-Free 3D DisplayUltra-high resolution, multiple viewpoints, wide color gamut, Mini LED backlight, 60-degree viewing angle.
Electric Flexible Cockpit17-inch central display, 15.05-inch foldable screen, 400mm bend radius, 44.8-inch oxide smart cockpit.
P0.3 Micro LEDPeak brightness of 2,000 nits, contrast ratio of 40,000:1, 110% NTSC color gamut coverage.
16-inch Ultra-S Laptop DisplayStatic contrast ratio of 2,000:1, 240Hz refresh rate, MiniLED backlight.
32-inch Light Field Monitor4K resolution per eye, face trace tracking, active human-machine interaction system.
Gen 3 UB Cell AI TV95% BT.2020 color space coverage, 0.7% reflectivity, 1,400:1 contrast ratio in 100 lux ambient lighting.
AI-Assisted OLED DisplayReal-time 8K 120Hz image processing, 20% reduction in power consumption.
14-inch Power-Efficient Laptop Display30% lower power consumption, 0.7W energy use at 120Hz refresh rate, backed by Gen 10 oxide technology.
23.8-inch Easy MonitorSaves 50% display materials, 30% recycled glass, feature integration technology.
31.5-inch AB MNT LCD MonitorHigh contrast ratio, low reflectivity, 53% recycling rate, uses recycled materials.
OLED Display with Independent Pixel Driving5-6% reduction in power consumption, uses world’s first SDP power-efficient OLED display technology.

The standout products include a 110-inch 16K glasses-free 3D display with ultra-high resolution, MiniLED backlight, and a wide color gamut. BOE is also showcasing its first electric flexible cockpit, featuring a 17-inch central display and a 15.05-inch foldable screen. The 44.8-inch oxide smart cockpit with COG MLED backlight technology offers a peak brightness of 2,000 nits.

The P0.3 MicroLED boasts 2,000 nits brightness and 110% NTSC color gamut coverage. BOE’s 16-inch Ultra-S laptop display features a 2,000:1 static contrast ratio and a 240Hz refresh rate. A 32-inch light field monitor with 4K resolution per eye and face trace tracking was also displayed.

The Gen 3 UB Cell AI TV covers 95% of the BT.2020 color space and features a reflectivity of 0.7%. It includes integrated temperature and light sensors and supports adaptive dynamic drive. BOE’s AI-assisted image quality enhancement technology reduces OLED power consumption by 20%.

BOE emphasized green development with a low-carbon zone featuring eco-friendly products. The 14-inch power-efficient laptop display, 23.8-inch Easy monitor, and 31.5-inch AB MNT LCD monitor showcased reduced power consumption and use of recycled materials. The first OLED display with an independent pixel driving scheme reduces power consumption by 5-6%.

The company also had another achievement off the show floor when Chen Yanshun, Chairman of BOE, received the 2024 David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize from the Society for Information Display (SID). The award recognizes his leadership in advancing screen technology within the industry.