VueReal Launches QuantumVue for MicroLED Large Substrates

VueReal is launching its QuantumVue Display technology, which integrates its proprietary its MicroSolid Printing platform with dynamic quantum dot (QD) patterning, at Display Week 2024.

Source: VueReal

VueReal claims the new technology precisely integrates MicroLEDs onto large substrates with high throughput and yield. It also incorporates VueReal’s patented dynamic patterning of quantum dots, which improves color reproduction and facilitates low-cost defect repair.

Key features of the QuantumVue Display include advanced MicroLED technology for superior brightness and contrast, enhanced color spectrum through advanced QD integration, cost-effective repair solutions for microLED defects, and high-throughput production compatible with large substrate areas.

QuantumVue is designed to be a sustainable and affordable solution specially suitable for TVs, monitors, and tablets, the places where MicroLED faces the biggest challenges of finding acceptance. The company claims its platform addresses the key technical challenges faced by MicroLED during the mass production stage, such as high costs, low yield, and poor throughput, by integrating seamlessly with existing production tools and processes. This approach not only reduces the integration complexity but also lowers CapEX and OpEX, making MicroLED displays more accessible for the consumer market.