Xiaomi Gets Into OLED With Lumilan

by Emory Kale

The Chinese smartphone industry is picking up the pace on OLED displays and getting directly involved in their development.

Tags:Lumilan| Manufacturing| OLED| Smartphones| Xiaomi

KLA Exits Display Business

by Joseph Bryans

Company files with SEC based on cancellation of a significant technology project.

Tags:FPD| Manufacturing

BOE/Honor Versus Apple/Samsung/LG

by Omid Rahmat

The BOE/Hoonor nexus on OLED is doing just fine, thank you.

Tags:Apple| BOE| LG| Manufacturing| OLED| Samsung| showcase

Porotech Taking MicroLED to Market With PSMC

by Emory Kale

The collaboration aims at using Porotech’s uLEDoS and dynamic pixel tuning (DPT) technologies, combined with PSMC’s expertise in semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

Tags:Manufacturing| MicroLED| Porotech| semiconductor

Scrona’s EHD Printing Comes Together With Avantama’s MicroLED Materials

by Omid Rahmat

EHD printing is, by some accounts, emerging as a revolutionary technology in the field of display technologies, particularly for the fabrication of high-resolution quantum dot LED and MicroLED displays.

Tags:EHD| InkJet Deposition| Manufacturing| MicroLED| Quantum Dots| Scrona| showcase