Loewe Initiates In-House OLED Production; Expands TV Lineup with New Models

If you like your TVs expensive and different and built to last for twenty years then you are going to love this. German luxury TV manufacturer Loewe is making a strategic shift towards in-house production with the launch ofa new OLED display manufacturing facility in Kronach. Starting in May 2024, Loewe will fully control its production process, from initial design to final assembly.

Source: Loewe

LG Display will continue to provide open-cell OLED panels, which lack integrated circuitry, allowing Loewe to customize and integrate these components with greater flexibility. It is, however, expected that in time, Loewe may be able to rely on other sources for its OLED panels, and look to further customization of its processes.

This development is part of a broader strategy under CEO Aslan Khabliev, who has led the company since 2019 with a focus on reinvigorating Loewe’s brand and expanding its global market presence.

In conjunction with the launch of the new manufacturing operations, Loewe is set to introduce new large-format OLED TVs, including 83-inch and 93-inch models, with plans for a 99-inch model. These new offerings are equipped with an 8-core processor designed for high-speed streaming and gaming, intended to create a seamless integration with Loewe’s premium audio products.