Rokid Unveils AR Lite Spatial Computing Suite with Lightweight Glasses and Advanced Host Unit

Rokid has unveiled its latest offering, the AR Lite spatial computing suite pairing the ultralight Rokid Max 2 glasses with the Rokid Station 2 host unit.

Source: Rokid

The Rokid Max 2 glasses, which weighs 75 grams, are promoted for a feature that allows for an intelligent interpupillary distance adjustment, alongside a non-destructive diopter adjustment tailored for nearsighted users. The design also integrates ultra-light air nose pads and bendable temples to reduce pressure and conform to a user’s facial contours. Complementing the glasses is the Rokid Station 2, a host unit housed in an aluminum alloy frame. This setup is driven by Rokid’s proprietary YodaOS-Master spatial operating system. The unit is also equipped with a 5000mAh battery supporting 18W fast charging with a USB-C connector.

The AR Lite suite includes features such as Multi Screen Mode, which allows for display extensions up to 300 inches, and Motion Mode, which improves picture stabilization for mobile use. Additionally, Spatial Screen Casting and enhanced connectivity options, including support for NAS and cloud drives, are supposed to broaden the device’s appeal.