VueReal and Toray Engineering Tool Up to Advance the Cause of MicroLED Display Technology

VueReal has announced a strategic partnership with Toray Engineering, the semiconductor tool manufacturer, as they say, to advance the adoption of MicroLED displays and micro semiconductor products globally.

Toray affiliate Tasmit’s cutting-edge PL inspection tool 3000SR-Ⅲ300. (Source: Toray Engineering)

Back in the real world, VueReal and Toray are actually going to be collaborating on multiple tools and processes, such as the integration of the PL inspection tool, the 3000SR-Ⅲ300, with VueReal’s microsolid printing platform. This is all part of VurReal’s grand plan to catalyze a $30 billion MicroLED display market by 2030 by driving solutions to address the critical challenge of transferring LEDs from wafer to backplane efficiently, which is essential for mass production of MicroLED displays.