TCL CSOT Looks to Dazzle With Cutting-Edge Tech at Display Week 2024

At SID Display Week 2024, TCL CSOT is showcasing a range of advanced display technologies under the theme “For Better Life, For Better Future” This year, they are presenting around 40 innovative display technologies aimed at promoting sustainability, health, and connectivity.

The TCL CSOT booth is organized into ten technology areas, including HVA, HFS, MLED, MLCD, FMM OLED, and IJP OLED, each highlighting their latest advancements. Attendees can explore products such as the 85” UD w-HVA Pro, the world’s first 7.85″ Tandem Trifold Screen, and 14″ 2.8K Inkjet Printing Hybrid OLED Display. Other highlights include the world’s Highest CR 4000:1 HFS MNT, the world’s Highest Resolution 16″ 8K Laptop Display, and Ln-Oxide 14” MUX 1:3 Display. TCL CSOT will also showcase 7.85″ Under Screen Face Auth Display, the world’s first 57″ 6.9mm Thickness MLED MNT, and the world’s first 4K Highest Refresh Rate 1000Hz MNT.

One of the standout innovations is TCL CSOT’s 14″ 2.8K Inkjet Printing Hybrid OLED Display. This display, which represents the first application of IJP OLED technology in the notebook segment, won the AWE Award at AWE2024. The IJP OLED display offers a wider color gamut, lower power consumption, and improved reliability, marking a significant milestone in display technology.

Source: TCL CSOT

Display Week 2024 comes hot on the heels of TCL CSOT’s recognition with industry awards at ICDT2024 earlier this year. These award-winning products include the 14″ 2.8K Inkjet Printing Hybrid OLED Display and the 2K LTPO Ultra-narrow Bezel Four-curve OLED Screen, both of which, along with other distinguished products, will be showcased at Display Week 2024.

TCL CSOT’s participation at Display Week 2024 comes at a point when the company is showing significant success in advanced display technology.