Tianma to Showcase Advanced Automotive Display Technologies in San Jose

Tianma will present a range of display technologies for the automotive industry at Display Week 2024. The offerings include OLED and MicroLED technologies such as the 13-inch dynamic flexible OLED, 13-inch slidable OLED, and 8.07-inch octagon MicroLED.

The 13-inch dynamic flexible OLED, developed with flexible OLED technology and Corning Living Hinge technology, features a minimum bending radius of R200mm and supports over 200,000 bends. It adjusts to the needs of drivers and passengers.

The 13-inch slidable OLED, featuring an external bending radius of 4.5mm and a slide extension over 70mm, uses TPOT technology for a lighter, thinner design. It is intended for use in car dashboards, center consoles, and passenger entertainment systems.

The 8.07-inch pctagon MicroLED achieves a transmittance rate of over 55% at 167ppi. It uses advanced pixel design and TFT stacking techniques, along with an “emit backward shift” driving scheme to improve brightness and uniformity.

Tianma will also display the 11-inch ACRUS and the 15.6-inch LTPS QD MiniLED products, which use zonal-dimming technologies for improved display performance.

And to top it all off, a new 12.3-inch LTPS MiniLED InvisiVue display will be introduced, featuring a high-transmittance layer that resembles brushed metal when inactive and becomes transparent when activated, allowing image content to appear.