UltraSense Systems to Showcase TouchPoint Q Controller

UltraSense Systems, known for automotive semiconductor HMI controllers and touch system designs, will present its TouchPoint Q Controller at Display Week 2024.

Source: UltraSense Systems

With automotive interfaces becoming increasingly similar to smartphones, a variety of touch displays are now being integrated throughout vehicles for both safety and convenience. These displays, which are predominantly capacitive touch-based, are found on steering wheel instrument panels, front and back seat infotainment systems, and HVAC controls. This trend has introduced challenges, including false triggers and limited one-dimensional user interface designs. The addition of force sensing to these displays offers several advantages, such as enhanced user interface design with touch position and force intensity, improved confirmation of driver intent through force intensity, immediate touch feedback through haptics or audio, and the elimination of false triggers caused by light touches, wiping, and environmental interferences like moisture and spills.

While force-touch technology is already in use, UltraSense claims its TouchPoint Q Controller provides distinct benefits compared to traditional discrete force sensor solutions. It requires fewer sensors, which enhances cost-effectiveness, and can quickly augment existing off-the-shelf displays for rapid market deployment. The controller supports a wide range of mechanical designs due to its large sensing dynamic range and maintains low sensitivity to temperature changes. It also offers immunity to mechanical stress and aging stress over time, ensures true solid surface force detection without visual surface displacement, and incorporates on-chip MCU and DSP algorithms. This allows for wider manufacturing tolerances without needing multiple stages of calibration.