AUO’s MicroLED Displays Take Center Stage

At Display Week 2024, AUO is showcasing a range of cutting-edge MicroLED display technologies, highlighting transparency, size, and flexibility. Among the technologies on show are a 17.3-inch foldable display, the world’s largest single screen MicroLED display,, according to the company, and an automotive display solution with an integrated camera.

Source: AUO

The 17.3-inch foldable display features a minimal 4mm folding hinge and functions as both a tablet and a display screen. It boasts 100% Adobe RGB color gamut coverage and 1000 nits of brightness.

AUO’s 31-inch MicroLED display claims to be the worlds largest of its kind. It incorporates advanced driving technology and Advanced Reflectionless Technology (ART) to minimize glare and enhance image clarity. This bezel-less design allows for seamless tiling into larger screens, suitable for medical and other applications.

In the automotive sector, AUO is showing a MicroLED display with a transparent, bezel-less design, a pixel density of 163ppi, and 5000 nits of maximum brightness. The front passenger seat features the first-ever smart MicroLED display with an under-display camera.