LG Display Unveiled Next-Generation OLED Technologies at Display Week 2024

LG Display revealed a series of cutting-edge OLED technologies at Display Week 2024 in San Jose, California. Among the highlights was the OLEDoS for VR technology.. Despite its compact 1.3-inch size, the OLEDoS display is claimed to achieve an ultra-high brightness of 10,000 nits and a resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels per inch (ppi). Its color accuracy apparently exceeds 97% of the DCI-P3 standard.

LG Display also introduced OLEDoS technology for smartwatches at Display Week 2024. This development marked the first time such technology was implemented in wearable devices. The smartwatch OLEDoS display, like its VR counterpart, measures 1.3 inches and boasts an impressive 4K resolution. This high resolution ensures that content is displayed with exceptional clarity, even on the small screen of a smartwatch.

Source: LG Display

In addition to its high resolution, the smartwatch OLEDoS display features glasses-free 3D technology known as light field technology. This technology creates holographic-like effects, enhancing the visual experience by adding depth and dimensionality to the display. This innovation allows users to enjoy a more immersive and interactive experience directly from their wrists.

Large-sized OLED panels were also featured prominently. The company highlighted its product lines with an 83-inch OLED TV and gaming OLED panels, both featuring META Technology 2.0. This technology increases brightness by 42% compared to conventional OLEDs, achieving 3,000 nits, the highest level among existing OLED TV panels, according to the company. META Technology 2.0 combined META Multi-Booster and Detail Enhancer algorithms with MLA+, which consisted of 42.4 billion micro lenses..

For gamers, LG Display presented a 27-inch QHD Gaming OLED panel with a refresh rate of 480 Hz, the first OLED display to reach such a high refresh rate. This panel provided smooth and clear screen transitions, making it ideal for fast-paced gaming.

The company also showcased a 39-inch Ultra-Wide Gaming OLED panel with a 21:9 ratio screen and an 800R curvature. This design is meant to maximize immersion by ensuring a consistent viewing distance from both the center and edges of the screen.

Source: LG Display

In the automotive sector, LG Display exhibited advanced display solutions optimized for Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs), including high-definition OLEDs and LTPS LCDs. The company’s Advanced Thin OLED (ATO) technology for vehicles was 20% thinner than general glass substrate OLEDs, allowing for sleek designs and increased price competitiveness while maintaining high picture quality. LG Display’s Tandem OLED technology, first developed in 2019, stacked two organic light-emitting layers to enhance durability, brightness, and lifespan.

LG Display also presented a Glassless 3D Dashboard, which used high-performance LTPS LCDs to enhance driver visual satisfaction, and a new technology that increased the transparency of Transparent OLEDs from 45% to 60% by optimizing their pixel structure and operating parts.