Strategy Analytics: Realme’s Number Series Ranks 4th among the ‘New Age Smartphone Families’ with Shipments of 40.6 Million Units

According to our latest research, Strategy Analytics estimates realme’s Number Series was ranked 4th among the ‘New Age Smartphone Families’ with shipments of 40.6 million units. ‘New Age Smartphone Families’ are defined as those launched from 2018 onwards for this study.

Woody OH, Director at Strategy Analytics, said, “realme’s Number series has been the original smartphone product line from the vendor that led realme’s foray into the smartphone market in 2018. It has been central to realme’s scale up to be the fastest smartphone vendor to 100 million smartphone shipment units ever, taking only 37 months since the debut, in the history of smartphone industry.”

Cumulative Shipments of Smartphone Families Launched since 2018 (M units) (Graphic: Business Wire)

Rajeev Nair, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics, said, “realme’s Number series has been at the core of this landmark of 100M shipments in the shortest period of time. The Number seriesranked no.4 by accumulated shipments among ‘New Age Smartphone Families’ as of Q3 2021 based on steady performance in India, China and elsewhere. Within the realme Number series, realme 5 remains the best iterate by cumulative shipments since launch in Q3 2019. It shipped a total of 12 million units through its lifetime.”

Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, “realme has embarked on an aggressive geo diversification strategy since 2021. The Number series is expected to play a pivot role again in its outreach and acceptability to a diversified audience base in multi country markets, featuring 5G support, enhanced camera and display functionalities backed by value-based pricing.”

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