Spud Aims for Road Warriors

Spud (spontaneous pop-up display) is a new DLP-based collapsible rear-projection monitor designed for portability and being launched as a Kickstarter project. The 24″ final display has 1280 x 720 resolution and brightness is from 350 to 785 cd/m² with battery life from three hours to six hours, depending on the brightness. The unit can be also be used as standard projector. It weighs 2lbs (0.9kg) when packed. Connectivity is by HDMI or wireless.

Delivery is expected in mid-2017 and pricing is $399.


Analyst Comment

The project had a $33,000 target, but had already got to $222,000 when we were publishing, with 42 days to go! The project, from Arovia, was shown at South by Southwest and expected to be on Kickstarter by April. As expected, the current prototypes do not look as crisp or as slick as the demos and the ‘one month to Kickstarter’ has turned into six. The target price of $299 has gone to $399. That may, of course, be more positive as it is more realistic!

I can see that gamers or those that need a big screen for video might be attracted to the unit, but, to me, the resolution is too low to be really useful. There’s an animation below that shows more about the unit. (BR)