LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 11

A company called Arovia showed a fold-out screen at South by Southwest last week. No, not a foldable OLED: a rear-projection display and projector. The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD) is about the size of an Apple TV box when folded. Unfolding it turns it into a 24″ display, which can receive content through HDMI or wirelessly using WiDi. Resolution is 1280 x 720. Arovia will launch a Kickstarter campaign within a month to fund the project. The product will eventually cost about $300.

(I’m sceptical about likely success. A 24″ display that fits your pocket is a great idea for a product, but even 1920 x 1080 on such a display would be relatively low resolution; 1280 x 720 is a long way from good enough. I also suspect, having seen a lot of R/P monitors a few years ago, that the quality won’t be as good as the mock-up graphic. (BR)

The TCG121WX 12″ TFT-LCD module from Kyocera (MDM Product Roundup – Vol 22 No 21) is now available in Europe.

Netflix launched its ‘Netflix Recommended’ programme last year (), and has now announced the first 2016 TV sets that will feature the logo. They are LG‘s UH6300, UH6500, UH7500, UH8500, UH9500 and G6 (OLED) sets; and Sony‘s S85D, X93D, X94D, XD93, XD94. SD85 and XD85 series. Netflix says that the requirements for the certification are tougher this year, with the TVs given less time to perform tasks.

We often get emails from companies wanting to introduce new products, and this week were contacted by a firm that is new to us: Shenzen Jingcan Opto-Tec. The company has a new type of direct-view LED cube for customers in the USA. It is a four-sided ‘pillar’, designed for use in exhibition halls and stands. The LEDs have a 3.6mm pixel pitch, and each face of the aluminium cabinet is 576mm. The cube also features a door for access.

Jingcan Opto Tec LED cube