CES 2024: What You Don’t Show Matters

by Omid Rahmat

Kicking off the year in Vegas was a success for the trade show, the attendees, and exhibitors, at least on the surface. What it means for 2024 is less certain.

Tags:CES 2024| Hisense| LG| Samsung| showcase| sony| TCL

Sony Throws Down Giant MiniLED Gauntlet

by Emory Kale

Sony has lost a lot of its market presence over the years and this may just be a really good press junket, but the tech seems to be solid.

Tags:LCD| MiniLED| showcase| sony| TV Sets

The Black Hole of Apple Vision Pro’s Microdisplays

by Omid Rahmat

What Display Daily thinks: The news that LG is not going to start on OLEDos production this year follows a bunch of stories about how Samsung and LG were vying for Apple’s microdisplay business …

Tags:Apple| LG| Microdisplays| OLEDos| showcase| sony

Is Apple Underpricing the Vision Pro?

by Omid Rahmat

Sony’s offering a familiar-looking microdisplay at prices that makes you wonder how much would they add to the cost of a headset.

Tags:Apple| Augmented Reality| Microdisplay| MR| OLED| showcase| sony| VR