Sony Shows UltraHD OLED Monitor

Sony’s press conference was hard to find – we were sent to three different places before we found it! So, sadly, we missed the start and by the time we got there, there was a discussion of the PXW-FS7 professional camcorder, which uses a new Super 35mm Exmor sensor to give more than 14 stops of dynamic range in a small form factor*. Sony brought on a videographer who showed a very impressive UltraHD video, shot in Japan, which demonstrated the wide dynamic range. The camcorder can record UltraHD at up to 60P and will be updated to support 4096 x 2160 with a firmware update in early 2015. The camcorder can also shoot FullHD content at up to 180 fps on internal media, 240fp when recorded externally. The camera uses Alpha and E Mount lenses.

Sony briefly mentioned the BVM-X300 as the first 4K OLED monitor and said it would be launched at IBC (more below).

The company then turned back to cameras and explained the PXW-C300, a new ENG/documentary camcorder with 17X zoom lens and using three 1/2-type Exmor sensors for recording FullHD. In passing, Sony talked about the possibilities of using 4G technology to allow streaming of ENG content live over mobile networks by next year. This could open up new possibilities for news and documentary programme makers.

Sony bought the “Hawkeye” technology that has been used for sports refereeing (e.g. line calls in tennis, goal line decisions in soccer). Now the company is developing the same technology for use in automating the video production of sports, especially in combination with UltraHD cameras.

The company then concentrated on the delivery of content. The move to the use of IP networks to deliver content will change a lot and Sony is looking at how to enable this for UltraHD material. Gusty Feinen from BCE (Broadcasting Centre Europe) in Luxembourg was brought on stage. His company is building a new broadcast centre using video over IP rather than using SDI for distribution. The infrastructure supports SD, HD and UltraHD and allows “VTR-less” operation. He then showed an UltraHD videoconferencing link, live from Luxembourg over IP. The use of IP makes the remote control of cameras over IP relatively simple. The new centre will support 20 channels of TV playout as well as RTL’s output.


On the booth, we concentrated on the monitor. The BVM-X300 will be available in the new year, with prices tbd (but “at BVM levels”, we heard). It has 4096 x 2160 resolution and can support up to 60P on the 750.2mm (29.62″) diagonal display. It can support Rec 709 and P3 gamuts and “supports” Rec. 2020, although, like the Canon monitor shown at IBC, not with the full gamut, but “most of” it. It supports S-GAMUT3.cine and S-GAMUT3. We were interested to hear that it has an HDR mode that boosts peak brightness to 1,000cd/m