Society for Information Display (SID) Releases IDMS v1.2, Updating and Enhancing Display Measurement Standards


The Society for Information Display (SID) has announced the release of an updated version of its Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS). Known as IDMS v1.2 (downloadable freely), this update has been developed by SID’s International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) and comprises 900 pages of display measurement methods and tutorials. Building upon the previous versions, IDMS v1.2 provides comprehensive guidelines for measuring and characterizing displays that employ the latest technologies.

SID President Achin Bhowmik acknowledged the rapid advancements in display technology and expressed enthusiasm for the new IDMS v1.2, which will facilitate accurate measurement and characterization of modern displays. Bhowmik commended the efforts of the dedicated volunteers within ICDM and expressed gratitude on behalf of the SID Executive Board for their contributions.

ICDM Chair Mike Wilson highlighted the necessity to support the accelerated pace of the display industry by updating the IDMS more frequently. Consequently, the IDMS will now be updated every two years to keep pace with the industry’s advancements. Wilson emphasized the significant contributions made by experts from various sectors of the display field to enhance the previous version and develop IDMS v1.2.

The updated standard, IDMS v1.2, introduces several new elements. These include the annular source specular reflection method, an expanded color gamut envelope method for reflective displays, a selectable constant average picture level method and code, considerations for light measurement devices in chromaticity measurements, and a technique for determining the bidirectional scatter distribution function from the point-spread function. Furthermore, modifications have been made to tables, templates, and vantage point measurements for enhanced clarity and improved reporting. Notably, the Color Metrology chapter has undergone various updates and additions.

The IDMS v1.2 is recognized as the leading guide for display measurement and characterization, providing the most up-to-date methodologies. Wilson expressed gratitude to the international team of volunteers representing industry, academia, and government for their indispensable contributions to the development and update of this vital resource for display metrology.