Realfiction to Showcase MicroLED Echo Technology at Display Week 2023

Realfiction has been selected by the Society for Information Display (SID) to showcase their latest innovation, the patent-pending 2-inch MicroLED Echo proof-of-concept display, at Display Week 2023. This provides an opportunity for Realfiction to publicly demonstrate the capabilities of their Echo technology. The exhibition will take place in the Innovation Zone (I-Zone). This participation at Display Week 2023 marks a significant milestone in Realfiction’s commercialization process for Echo. The company plans to participate in more events throughout 2023 and early 2024 to further promote their technology.

Source: Realfiction

Realfiction Holding AB, a Danish company founded in 2008, is a developer of mixed reality (MR) solutions and services. One of Realfiction’s inventions is the Echo pixel technology. Echo enables the manipulation of light from flat screen displays in different directions, allowing each viewer to see a unique image and experience full 3D depth without the need for glasses. This multi-user system has the potential for ultra-high resolution and is not limited by standard or size constraints. Additionally, Echo can be mass-produced at a low cost, making it an attractive solution for display products. Realfiction has also made significant progress on the software side, including the development of their Holowize 3D film conversion technology, which enhances content offerings for various audiences. The company has implemented a global patent strategy to safeguard their Echo directional pixel technology, paving the way for collaboration and licensing agreements with commercial partners.

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