Viewsonic’s Visual Solutions Help the Taiwan Acts! Exhibition towards Sustainable and Immersive Architectural Showcasing

Viewsonic recently collaborated with the Taiwan Acts! exhibition in Prague, which showcased Taiwan’s diverse architectural landscape. The exhibition, entitled “Architecture in social dialogue”, featured over 100 works.

Source: Viewsonic

The curation team faced the challenge of presenting this diverse range in an immersive, yet sustainable way. To address this, they utilized Viewsonic’s digital visual solutions. Traditional bulletin boards were replaced with multi-functional digital posters and interactive displays showcasing sketches and 3D drafts of the architecture. This allowed visitors to appreciate design details through interactive participation, fostering an immersive atmosphere.

Viewsonic’s solutions helped minimize the use of printing and wooden materials, aligning with the exhibition’s sustainability goals. It also simplified replication and transportation of the exhibition, enabling a broader audience reach. Furthermore, the digitalization process cut the setup time for the exhibition by half.