So, Who Said that OLED would be 68% of TVs?

We spotted a story that the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) (a Taiwanese trade association) had said that 68% of TVs would be OLED by 2020. We started to try to track it down. The PIDA website itself seems to have stopped updating its English language site in 2009. So we looked for some more sources which showed a report from UBI Research as the source of the number. So we looked back to our own reporting and found that in October, we ran a story that UBI had forecast that OLED would take 68% of the premium (our italics), not the total market! (UBI Thinks WOLED Will Take Premium TV Market)

UBI Research

Analyst Comment

There’s no doubt that OLED has swung into the lead in the enthusiast segment of the TV market, but Samsung is about to lead an attack back, based on quantum dots. Sony has also impressed reviewers with its very high quality high end LCD TVs (although it is expected to show an OLED TV at CES). It’s a brave person that bets against Samsung, but as I have said before, it’s less obvious to me that Samsung will stay behind TV as its vertical integration level declines. (BR)