SK Telecom has New Ideas and a PicoProjector

SK Telecom had three developments that are relevant to displays at MWC 2015.

First there was the Bignote Beam, an input system for projection systems. The unit uses IR emanating from a wand or pen to locate the position on the projection screen. This is an alternative to touch solutions or video analysis. The sensor can be included into the projector making this a low cost alternative for conference rooms instead of touch screen solutions.

The company also described the Kids Phone JooN, a wearable device that allows parents and guardians to locate children, as well as enabling two way communication and emergency calls. The company calls this a wearable mobile phone instead of a smartwatch, but the form factor is pretty much the same.

The third device is a laser projector cube based on LCOS technology from Syndiant. The cube measures 55mm on each edge and has a resolution of 720p. It has HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity. The maximum brightness is 60 lumens and the projector comes with autofocus. The device runs on the internal battery for 120 min, enough for most movies. There is no availability or price, as SK Telecom is looking for a partner to bring this projector to market. According to its statement the previous version of this device sold about 160,000 units in two years, most of them in Korea. SK Telecom does not know why this product was so successful in Korea, while its presence was almost non-existent in other markets.