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Guttag Debunks Amazon Glow

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Karl Guttag has done a great piece of work to pull apart the claims for Amazon’s Glow that was announced a few weeks ago. (Phew… Amazon has a Busy Launch Event) …

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PIQO Pocket Projector Moves Towards Production

by Arthur Berman

The Piqo projector, designed by Piqo (Los Angeles, CA), is described by the company as a powerful, on-the-go HD projector that is compact, durable and intuitive to use. Some of the features of the …

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CE Week and Pepcom in New York Show Latest Systems

by Matthew Brennesholtz

CE Week was a two day event (June 20 – 21) at the Javits Center in New York, hosted by ShowStoppers in association with IFA and multiple other organizations. The CTA is not one …

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LumiWatch Projects a Touch Display on the Wearer’s Skin

by Arthur Berman

A team of researchers headed Robert Xiao within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) is developing a smartwatch with an integrated pico-projector. The system uses the skin of the wearer’s …

Tags:Pico Projectors| Smartwatches| Vol 25 - Issue 19

Wired Looks at Pico Projectors

by Bob Raikes

Wired has reviewed a couple of pico projectors, the Sony MP-CD1 and the Nebula Capsule. The Sony comes out as better value, while the Nebula was rated as offering a better overall experience, partly …

Tags:Back Panel| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| sony| Vol 25 - Issue 17

Kodak Projectors are Very Small

by Bob Raikes

Eastman Kodak Company announced the availability of three new portable projectors from its North American brand licensee, C+A Global: the Kodak Pocket Portable Projector, Pocket Pico Projector, and Pocket Wireless Pico Projector. The DLP-based …

Tags:DLP| Kodak| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| USA| Vol 25 - Issue 08

Mobile Projector is Designed for iPhone

by Bob Raikes

Aiptek has set up a Kickstarter project for the OrbitBeam, a projector designed for use with iPhones, from 6/6 plus and up (or Android above 4.2 using Miracast). It also has a battery case …

Tags:Crowdfunding (Kickstarter etc)| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 42

TI Makes Pico DLP Accessible

by Bob Raikes

TI has made available the DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 evaluation module (EVM) that includes a 0.2″ DLP chipset and costs just $99. The EVM’s dual connector is set up to support any flexible GPIO-driven …

Tags:DLP| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| TI (Texas Instruments)| Vol 24 - Issue 28

iView Raises $14.7 million to Increase R&D into Pico Projection

by Alan Spencer

iView, the pico-projection engine developer based in Shenzen, has raised around $14.7 million as part of its series B funding round, the lead investor being CMS Zhiyuan Capital. iView was founded in 2006 and …

Tags:Investment| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 25

AR/VR Optical Components Round-up

by Chris Chinnock

ColorLink Japan was showing some optical components for near to eye applications such as the E5-Dill embedded pico projector model. It features a 1280 x 720 LCOS panel from Miyota, RGB LEDs and output …

Tags:LCOS| Mobile Display Monitor| Pico Projectors| SID Display Week 2017| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 21

MWC 2017 Round-up

by Bob Raikes

Picoprojector maker, Aiptek, has a new AM500VT projector that is a complete Android system that produces HD images of up to 120″ with output of 500 ANSI lumens. The projector is supplied with a …

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