AR/VR Optical Components Round-up

ColorLink Japan was showing some optical components for near to eye applications such as the E5-Dill embedded pico projector model. It features a 1280 x 720 LCOS panel from Miyota, RGB LEDs and output of around 16 lumens.

Also on display were some new optics for VR headsets that were only 20 mm thick and intended to be used with 0.7” OLED FHD microdisplay imagers. A 50º FOV version features a 5mm eyebox and 255 mm eye relief while the 70º FOV version offer 5 mm eye box and 15 mm eye relief. Focal distance is 2 meters, but transmission is a low 10%.

Colorlink Japan VR lenses

3M was showing off its Picture Enhancement Film (PEF). Designed for OLED displays, it can smooth out some of the screen door effect but without using a diffuser which would just soften the image. The idea is to use a micro-replication structure to turn one dot into an array of dots. This was demonstrated in their booth on two Oculus Rift headsets – one with and one without PEF. It works well. This could be useful for headsets where designers stretch the FOV too much allowing the screen door effect to be more visible. – CC

3M PEF 23M PEF 2