SIM2’s NERO4 is a 4K Single Chip DLP Projector

Three single-chip TRP DLP projectors were shown at CEDIA that use the 0.66” 4M mirror chip and image shifting optics to create a 4K image (8.3M pixels). This included Digital Projection, Vivitek and SIM2.

The SIM2 model is called NERO 4 and was debuted at CEDIA. It is lamp-based using a 450W UHP lamp that can produce 5000 lumens with the 709 color gamut and 4000 lumens with the P3 color gamut. It also includes a 3X speed color wheel. This is an entirely new engine design as the angles are different for this DLP chip set.

SIM2 spent some time working on the projection lens as this must not distort or degrade the 4K image. The result is a pure-glass telecentric lens that provides an impressive resolution of 93 lines per millimeter to guarantee exceptional on-screen clarity. Special coatings have been applied to the optical components to further enhance image and color performance. It also has a zoom range of 1.4 to 2.8:1. The projector currently has an HDMI 2.0 connection but an HDMI 2.0a upgrade is planned for October.

The demo we saw was a clip from The Martian. The content was a 1080p/Rec. 709 Blu-ray disc that was upscaled by the projector in resolution and in frame rate from 24 to 60 fps. This was shown on a 135” screen with 0.9 gain. The image looked OK, but I did not like the 60 fps motion compensation (too video-like) the electronics design was performing. We requested and then saw the same movie running at 24 fps and found it more pleasing despite the motion blur.

The projector can be ordered now for $30K ($10K higher than Vivitek or DP) with delivery expected during November 2016. – CC