Silicon Core Starts to Roll Out CoB

Silicon Core has found that the CoB LED technology that it has been developing for very small pitches continues to be a bit slower in development than it had hoped, although the company told us that the Lavendar Live line is now expected to be available in Q2 Brightness will be up to 1,200 cd/m² and it supports 10 bit colour for HDR display, with driving from its Zach technology. The Lavendar Live product is intended for rental and staging where the more robust architecture of COB is a significant advantage.

The company told us that the architecture now uses a concept of ‘four pixels per package’ or tetrapixel on each board but is still based on the firm’s common cathode concept. The cabinet has a 500 x 500mm form factor and is designed to be cable free.

SiliconCore backWe think this is the back of the SiliconCore LEDs, but we hadn’t had confirmation at press time!. (Image:Meko)

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